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The Vaughn Law Offices provides legal services with a commitment to business owners. We remain dedicated to providing the best possible representation in all business and personal needs.



Recent Events:

The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.




“Our recent experience with Vaughn Law Office has been an extremely friendly one. We couldn't have chosen a better representative for our case. Vaughn Law Office was there for us at our convenience and were very easy to work with. We would recommend Vaughn Law Offices to anyone that needs wonderful representation.” - Donald and Junie Rezzonico


“Justin was great…I really liked your promptness and checking up/following up with me often. You took your time to listen to my concerns and issues and you made yourself available at all time[s]. Kate was so kind and professional. She is such a great asset to your company.” - Y.T.


“Dear Justin,
I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude at the way you and your staff handled my recent claim after being injured in a traffic accident. I was referred by a close friend who assured me, you would treat me right. My first meeting with you and Tarrah was very pleasant, all my concerns were addressed and I left feeling very confident that I had made the right decision to retain your services.
During the course of events that followed, Tarrah continued to assure me that everything was under control and her favorite quote was “let us do the worrying”. I always felt everything was going to be OK, even when things did not look good. In the end, your office was able to settle my claim that far exceeded my expectations. All my medical bills were covered, which I didn’t expect, by negotiating with all the medical providers and settled a very fair and reasonable amount for the lost time and inconvenience I incurred as a result of my injuries."


Thank You so much for all you did and a special Thank You for Tarrah, who stayed in constant communication with me the entire time. Please ensure Tarrah receives a full bag of Rolo’s, as an added bonus for putting up with me.” - Sincerely, John M., Rimrock, AZ


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to  Justin Vaughn and Tarrah Johnson of the Vaughn Law Offices.  They were handed a difficult case at the last minute and it was handled immediately.  They made me feel very comfortable and treated me and my family like we were part of their family.  Both Justin and Tarrah made sure that I was fully informed throughout the case progression and the case was concluded with me receiving the maximum amount possible.  Thank you very much! -R.U., law enforcement officer


“VLO is great, Justin helped us through a few issues we had with our business and he was wonderful, as well as his staff!” -Cindy Bond, business owner


Very understanding, caring place. We found the Vaughn Law office to be welcoming and knowledgeable. Thanks one and all! –Trina and Richard Faust, Parks and Recreation Director


“My wife and I have known Justin for many years now- truly a man of great character that many could learn from. Congrats Justin!- well deserved.” –John and Theresa Bruch, business owners and educators


Every once in a while, someone crosses your path and makes such an impact that you just have to stop and say, “Thank you”.  Justin Vaughn is that person for me today.  I could tell you about his award-winning law practice (Vaughn Law Offices).  I could tell you about his heart for philanthropy.  I could tell you about his lovely wife and the children I have been honored to meet.  I could tell you about all of those things…
Today, I just want to tell you about my appreciation for the man, Justin Vaughn.  Every time I meet with him, I am inspired.  He is humble.  He is kind.  He is genuine.  He is giving.  And he is my friend.  Whether we’re talking business, or the business of life – I have been blessed to be a part of every conversation.  I am inspired to be a better friend, businessman, father – human being – all because Justin’s path crossed mine. Eric Reamer, Business Talk Show Host


“Justin stands out from the crowd as a person of integrity, kindness and compassion. As I have gotten to know him, his honorable character traits stand out even more, along with his expertise as an attorney, and his passion for helping people. He was outstanding as my legal adviser and representative during a very trying time. I am grateful for his help and guidance.” –Diane Evans, realtor


“Attorney Justin Vaughn has served on the City of Cottonwood's Judicial Commission and performed an excellent service to the community. He is well known and respected in the Verde Valley and Arizona. Mr. Vaughn has an excellent reputation as an attorney and community partner.” – Mayor Diane Joens


"From our very first meeting to our settlement I always felt like Justin & Tarrah were fighting for me. They answered all my questions and worked hard to get a fair settlement after my car accident." -KD


“Justin Vaughn is, simply, one of the finest human beings and attorneys I have ever known. Justin has done work for me and for the Rotary Club in which we are both members. His work is done promptly, with a sincere heart for service, sensitivity, and desire to create value for others. I would and will trust Justin to bring his vast knowledge and enormous heart to bear on any matter requiring an attorney, colleague or friend.” --Leonard Miller, educational administrator


My thanks to the law office of Justin Vaughn,
     I feel fortunate to have chosen the Vaughn Law Office to represent my auto accident claim.
It was very reassuring to have such personable professionals handling my case.  I am grateful
for the diligent work effort and the resulting settlement.  I look forward to recommending your
services. Sincerely, Rhonda Ross


“Justin Vaughn is the opposite of every bad lawyer joke I have ever heard. He is diligent, honest to a fault, fair and reliable. He has given his valuable time and legal services to many non-profit organizations over the 15 years I have known him. He has helped individuals I know and charged them only what they could afford so they would not have to go into debt to pay attorney fees, and helped them through difficulties.   Justin does what he promises to do. He is loyal and kind and lives up to his Christian beliefs. He is a good man and an excellent attorney and advocate.”  --Margie Beach, Non-Profit Executive Director


“Unfortunately over my 70 plus years, I have had seek the services of attorneys for a variety for reasons in various parts of the U.S…..Texas, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Michigan. I have needed their expertise in civil, criminal, personal and business situations. Never once, until I sought the advice and counsel of Justin Vaughn, did I ever find an attorney that I felt really put my true needs and requirements first.
•Mr. Vaughn was truly the first attorney that I hired that listened to me and understood my situations.
•Mr. Vaughn was really the first attorney that I used that said, “well, you need to consider doing this in order achieve your desired results and to minimize your legal costs.”
•Mr. Vaughn was the first attorney that I honestly believed put me, my needs, and my interests first before his own billable hours!”  --James Alsip, business owner


“Justin has been my personal and business attorney for more than five years. In that time he has advised me on several legal issues. He is an advocate for his clients and he is great at explaining the law and finding a variety of different ways to approach issues. He is one of the most honest and caring people I know. I trust Justin's counsel and advice.”—Laura Isenstein, business owner


“Justin Vaughn's capabilities go far beyond his professionalism, expertise in legal matters, and comprehensive knowledge of the law. His moral and ethical standards are exemplary. He is a great father and husband, community member, and friend. Highly recommended.” –Stephan Block


“Justin Vaughn and his whole staff are very professional and knowledgable. If anyone is looking for any legal work they are ready and willing to get the job done successfully.” –Tyler Johnson, Business owner


Just wanted to pass along feedback regarding our experience dealing with attorney Justin Vaughn and staff. Justin and his team did what they said they would do. They handled our case with professionalism including excellent communications and follow-up. We felt like they were truly interested in achieving the result we deserved. Justin had a good understanding of the details and was well prepared to move to the next level of litigation if required. I would recommend the Vaughn law offices to others that expect a high energy knowledgeable team to represent them.  Thank you, Tom Marshall  


“Justin was able to bring a lingering problem to a reasonable and timely conclussion, without running the expenses thru the roof. He was diligent and progressive on his dogged approach to find resolution to this legal matter that I needed help with. I will recommend his services to anyonme that needs competent, quality advice, or legal assistance to resolve their legal matters.” –Phil Terbell, realtor


“Justin is a local practicing attorney who is really much more than that. He is one of those individuals who takes time out of his busy schedule to serve the community whether it's coaching youth sports or serving voluntarily on city and community committees and commissions. This is one of the reasons that he is voted as the Verde Valley's favorite attorney year after year by the local citizens” –Terrance Pratt, Professor and City Council Member


“Justin gave me prompt and effective legal advice for a nonprofit I was helping. He cared about the problem the nonprofit faced, and he offered effective advice pro bono, which I did not expect.  I also have worked with Justin as board members of United Way of Yavapai County. He was generous with his time and demonstrated true caring for the people and nonprofits of the county.” –Harvey Grady, Charitable Executive Director


“Vaughn truly lives the Rotarian motto of "Service Above Self". Justin can always be counted on to say yes when our community needs help. Vaughn continues to serve our community through several community service organizations and is responsible for founding the local, free legal clinic. Professionally, I continue to refer clients to The Vaughn Law Offices without reservation. I constantly hear back from the referred clients that Vaughn maintains constant communication, is compassionate and gets the job done. Vaughn's professional excellence has earned him the well deserved title of Best Lawyer of the Verde Valley for 7 years running. I highly recommend Justin Vaughn as your attorney” –Mark Tufte, Country Bank Vice President


“Needing the services of a lawyer eight year ago, I was well-served by Attorney Justin Vaughn.  This past year I turned to Attorney Vaughn again for legal help and was justified in my confidence in his expertise.  He and his staff kept me informed and assured, and, knowing that my interests were attended with care, gave me peace of mind through the legal process.”  -E.P., Sedona, Arizona. 


After much stress dealing with the insurance agency, my chiropractor highly recommended I visit Justin. Justin was very easy for me to understand and there wasn’t any reason for me to leave feeling uneasy. He advised me to just focus on my health, and he’d take care of the rest. I was kept informed from day one to the end of the settlement. I found Justin’s tenacity amazing. He kept going to bat for me with the insurance agency, and I know it wasn’t easy to do with them from my experience. He really did right by me. There were no hidden fees, and the closing deal was handled very professionally, making sure all parties were paid. I would highly refer anyone that needs a lawyer that is honest and has integrity. Julie Hyde


I would recomend Vaughn Law offices to anybody who needs a lawyer. They where helpful, professional and made the whole process super easy on me.  P.L.B.


"I wanted to say that words are not enough to describe my experience and gratitude with The Vaughn Law offices.  Mr. Vaughn is an amazing attorney and I would highly recommend him to anybody with a case from easy to extremely difficult.  He will actually listen to your concerns and address them. He uses every legal tactic in the book and won't back down or give up, and that is why I am so impressed. He is also very human and actually cares about your situation and doesn't just see you as another client.  All of the staff of the Vaughn Law Offices are amazing and courteous and they all make a perfect team. Thank you, thank you so much for giving me my life back." J.E.


"I strongly recommend the legal services of the Justin Vaughn team.  Justin's understanding of the statues and the particular criteria our Judge would be looking for, allowed us to formulate and execute an extremely successful case.    Justin and his team are responsive, courteous and professional!" James Perry, CPA 


"Several years ago I was in a very difficult position. I didn't know what to do or even where to go for help as my relationship to this person disintegrated. I knew Justin Vaughn through church. He heard me share about how the situation was affecting every part of my health and life. He stepped in, took me under his wing and got me the help I needed. I will be forever grateful for Justin's wise counsel and caring guidance." J.C.



Needing the services of a lawyer eight years ago, I was well-served by Atty. Justin Vaughn.  This past year I turned to Atty. Vaughn again for legal help and was justified in my confidence in his expertise. He and his staff kept me informed and assured, and, knowing that my interests were attended with care, gave me peace of mind throughout the legal process. E.P.


"At my first meeting with Justin Vaughn, I felt that I was dealing with an honest and honorable man. I never had any reason to change that opinion. He and every member of his firm are pleasant and professional and inspire confidence. I was entirely satisfied with the handling of my legal matter, and if I have another I will come to Vaughn Law first." Alfred Munyan


"On the professional side, I have found that Justin is beyond reproach when it comes to his integrity, his ethics and overall professionalism. His knowledge of the law and how it is applied far outreaches most attorneys and some judges." J.F.


"As his client, I found Mr. Vaughn extremely thorough and knowledgeable of the law. In relatively short order, Mr. Vaughn was able to explain the bigger picture which made resolution easier and without an intense battle. It is his professionalism, and ethics, that lead me to be a continuing client in matters of the law." J.B.


"Justin is a man who strives for over-riding justice laced with wisdom and confidence. He has an incredible grasp and concept of law, the legal process, political realities and the ability to navigate the waters as a dynamic leader should." R.F.


"Professionally, Justin came across very caring, knowledgeable, and prepared in addressing the issues at hand. He was very interested in my welfare and worked tirelessly to help bring closure in the best way possible. Justin is a man of honesty and integrity in all he does - his work reflects his beliefs. I found Justin very dedicated to his work and the lives of those he represents. I can say because of his efforts, it brought clarity, direction and peace of mind to the issue I faced - it allowed me to handle things with determination and confidence." F.N.


"Justin knows the law and can explain specific rulings in a reasonable and interesting way that is easily understood. He has presented programs and classes pertaining to legal issues and debate to both adult and youth organizations. He knows how to use technology to research and to demonstrate knowledge on many subjects." M.B.


"I was involved in a car accident for the first time. I naively assumed that I could negotiate with the insurance representatives, but after several months of phone calls and even a letter from my personal physician, the insurance company refused to pay for my physical therapy and mounting medical expenses. Despite the fact that I had a pre-existing condition, Mr. Vaughn took my case when other firms would not. He and his staff were wonderful during the whole process. I never felt I needed to rush through therapy to settle my claim. The staff was always courteous, returned my phone calls promptly and I was always kept informed about the progress of my case. Tarrah Johnson was particularly helpful to me when I became ill and was unable to fill out interrogatory questionnaires; thank you Tarrah. Mr. Vaughn handled my case skillfully and consistently exhibited sound legal judgment. The claim was settled to my full satisfaction. As much as I respect Mr. Vaughn for his professional fortitude, his ethics and legal acumen, I was even more impressed by his personal integrity, honesty and his compassion. He inspired confidence and I was able to relax knowing I had someone trustworthy and knowledgeable handling my case. I hope I don’t come off as over effusive, but it’s hard not to gush just a little when you have such a wonderful legal team working on your behalf. I would highly recommend Vaughn Law Offices to anyone who needs a superior legal team in their corner. My thanks to you again Mr. Vaughn and your wonderful staff." Delanie Braegan

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