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Our office has extensive experience in handling matters for seniors. Certainly, there is a broad range of potential senior issues, which would warrant involvement of legal counsel.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

As our loved ones age, some will lose the ability to make decisions and manage their affairs. Where someone is not able to care for themselves, sometimes posing a threat to themselves and those around them, a conservatorship and/or guardianship becomes necessary. In a conservatorship proceeding, the court appoints someone, preferable a trusted family member, to manage the person's financial affairs. In a guardianship proceeding, the court appoints someone trustworthy to care for the personal needs of the protected person. The process requires appointment of other experts to evaluate the protected person, and we can help locate and appoint the necessary experts.

If you would like help caring for a loved one, or if you know of someone in need of help managing their affairs, please call us as soon as possible.

Elder Abuse

Arizona law has grown more protective of our seniors. Although seniors used to be easy victims of fraud and abuse, there are now significant protections under the law. The elder abuse laws protect seniors from many injustices, including fraud, manipulation, and improper influence. Even the changing of estate documents can be closely reviewed, to determine if abuse occurred.

If you have concerns about physical abuse of a senior, we encourage you to contact adult protective services or the Arizona Attorney General, before you call us. For all other matters of potential or actual abuse, call us at any time.

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