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Recent Events:

The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.




Our office has over twenty (25) years of experience in personal injury matters. Our experience in pursuing injury claims for injured persons includes automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, medical malpractice, bicycle accidents, construction site injuries, and product liability. Additionally, cases we handle cover the range of damages, from moderate injuries to wrongful death.

Our office has sued insurance companies, and defended insurance companies. Mr. Vaughn has had over fifteen years of personal experience working for large insurance companies, including Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, Lloyds of London, and many others.

We are willing to commit our best efforts to handle your injury claim. Feel free to call at any time.

Please visit our Denver Personal Injury Law site for those in the Denver, Colorado area.


If you are in an accident, and once law enforcement has taken all necessary information, our general recommendations are as follows:

1. Contact the police to make sure that information is exchanged and that a formal police report is made.

2. Seek an initial medical evaluation and follow the recommendations made by your physicians.

3. Identify the insurance companies involved, but decline to give any recorded statements for the adverse insurance carrier.

4. Report the matter to your own insurance carrier and determine the extent of your coverage.

5. Consult with Vaughn Law offices or legal counsel of your choosing, as each case is different, and there are few absolute rules that apply in every case.

6. Among the issues to discuss with legal counsel, find out the specific statute of limitations for your matter.

7. Follow up on medical care and focus on your recovery. Please feel free to call us to help handle everything else.

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