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The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.



Our attorneys have sued insurance companies and defended insurance companies. Mr. Vaughn has twenty years of personal experience interpreting insurance policies and pursuing claims against insurance companies. Mr. Vaughn also has over fifteen years of personal experience working for large insurance companies, including Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, Lloyds of London, and many others.


Often, an insurance carrier will deny coverage for a claim. While such a decision might be correct, we have found that often the denial of coverage is not proper under the policy, or is a violation of law. This can be true with any type of insurance, including life insurance, health insurance, homeowners coverage, and motor vehicle insurance.

Feel free to contact us regarding your coverage dispute. We will review your policy and determine whether your claim should be compensated.


Insurance carriers have the obligation to handle claims and coverage in good faith. Pursuant to this Bad Faith doctrine, an insurance company may not, in bad faith, deny it's obligation to properly and timely handle your cliam, including properly handling any possible settlement, and providing a defense of it's insured. The mishandling of a claim gives rise to compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages to send a message that such conduct is not acceptable.

If you believe you have been a victim of bad faith insurance practices, please contact us. We will evaluate your matter and advise you concerning any claim you might have.


Even if the insurance carrier has accepted coverage, there might still be a dispute as to the value of any claim. Our office has handled thousands of insurance matters, both for injured persons and for major insurance carriers. We understand insurance issues, and we look forward to settling or litigating your claim.

Each insurance claim is different. The value of the claim depends upon the circumstances. If you would like us to evaluate and manage your insurance claim, please contact us.

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