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The Vaughn Law Offices provides legal services with a commitment to business owners. We remain dedicated to providing the best possible representation in all business and personal needs.



Recent Events:

The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.


Our law firm has extensive experience in handling of business matters. Certainly, there are broad range of potential corporate issues, which would warrant involvement of legal counsel.


Often, business formation and the ensuing transactional efforts can be a challenge to large and small business owners. Our lawyers are experienced in formation of corporations, and can advise concerning selection of an appropriate corporate entity, such as an L.L.C., partnership, or nonprofit company. Once established, attorneys can assist the company with bylaws, an operating agreement, or a partnership agreement. Our office is able to custom tailor your corporate structure through such agreements, in a manner which best suits your business needs.


Often, corporate legal matters involve the purchase of an existing business, formation of a partnership among existing businesses, or dissolution of a business relationship. Again, we have extensive experience in handling such matters, and our attorneys are able to assist with business mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions. Our experience includes the manufacturing industry, service industry, medical practices, and legal practices.


Unfortunately, problems occasionally arise which require litigation. Our office has filed and defended lawsuits concerning corporate practices, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, commercial code suits, and accounts receivable. Our lawyers have trial experience with commercial litigation in state and federal courts, with significant success. While we always seek the most pragmatic and cost effective solution, our experience includes numerous trials, and we are prepared to go to court whenever necessary.

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