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Probate Cases are Emotionally Difficult

We recognize that the passing of a loved one is one of the most emotional times in a person’s life. Further, there will be mixed emotions of uncertainty, confusion, frustration, and loss. Often, someone simply does not know where to turn for help. A lawyer is a legal advocate, and also an advisor to help guide you through these challenges. Our attorneys are available to assist during that difficult time.

Types of legal probate problems

Our lawyers have seen many types of probate issues. Sometimes, there are many questions about how to proceed after a loved one passes. We are often asked questions about securing and protecting assets, transfer of titles, handling of bank accounts, receipt of insurance benefits, or transfer of an inheritance. Also, tax matters must be addressed, preferably in conjunction with an accountant. Often, these matters are simpler than the executor might think.

On other occasions, assets are wrongfully taken. Our attorneys are experienced in probate methods for collection of property and assets. Also, our lawyers have brought claims for breach of fiduciary duty and conversion, where someone takes property that is not left to them.

There are also times in probate matters that beneficiaries will dispute and litigate the terms of the probate inheritance. Such disputes might include a will contest, or the competence of the decedent is questioned. There might be a question of abuse of an elderly adult prior to their passing. There is evidence that would be gathered for such court cases, and the participation of an attorney becomes extremely important.

Lawyers with Probate Experience

We are experienced with matters involving the probate court, as well as ways to try to avoid the probate court. We are familiar with handling of administration of wills, and handling of challenges to wills. We are experienced in administration of trusts, and are available to guide trustees to avoid any unlawful decisions.

If you have a challenge concerning administration of an estate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Often, court filings are not necessary, and we are able to advise concerning probate matters without court proceedings. Please contact us concerning any matter you face.

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