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Slip and falls can be some of the most challenging cases in injury law for lawyers.  The difficulty arises in the extent to which business and municipalities try to blame the person who fell.


Consideration of a slip and fall, or a trip and fall, requires evaluation of many factors by the attorney, including the exact location, the nature of the hazard that caused the slip or trip, the extent to which the injured person was able or unable to detect the hazard, the duration of the hazard, and the cause of the hazard.

For example, if a store employee chose to mop a tile floor, without signs, the store would be liable for its employee.  If, however, a toddler poured out a cup of water right in front of a customer, causing them to slip, and without opportunity for the store to take action, the store might not be liable.

As another example, if a store knew of ice formed on its front walkway, and took no action to protect customers on the walkway, the store would be responsible.  However, if the store gave notice of ice on the walkway, and a customer knew there was ice, but chose to walk across the ice rather than around it, the store might not be liable.


Simply put, it depends on the condition, the extent of notice, the opportunity to cure, and any assumption of risk.  These factors differ in each case, to create different levels of responsibilities and different amounts of comparative fault for those involved.

On occasion, video is useful to identify the source of the hazard, and the duration of the hazard. Video resources have been used to establish liability for stores, malls, restaurants, casinos, and offices.  Because such video is often deleted or recycled, particularly if the video is not helpful to the store, it is important to attempt to secure such evidence as quickly as possible.

Additionally, there are many occasions where experts are useful. For example, if a sidewalk is cracked, raised, or otherwise defective, and someone falls and is injured due to the condition of the sidewalk, it is often helpful to have an engineering expert confirm that the condition does not comply with code requirements.  Often, such a condition can be found to be unreasonably dangerous, per se.


The injuries resulting from a slip and fall can vary from sprains and strains to severe fractures. We recognize that the damages resulting from a dangerous condition differ for each person, and affect the injured person and their family in significant ways.

If you believe you have been injured in a manner which gives rise to a potential claim against a store or property owner, please contact us as soon as possible.  We will certainly review your circumstances, and advise you as to your options. We look forward to hearing from you if there is anything you wish to discuss with us.

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