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The Vaughn Law Offices is pleased to announce that Justin Vaughn has been awarded the recognition of "Best of the Best" among personal injury attorneys for the third year in a row, and "Best of the Best" among lawyers for twelve years running.



Product liability cases can be extremely challenging. Product manufacturers are generally resistant to resolving any claims. In essence, manufacturers do not want to admit that they have a defective product, and they do not want to face potential liability for all products they have manufactured. For that reason, product liability cases require the greatest of attention to detail, and often the retention of expert witnesses.


Our attorneys are familiar with the elements necessary to prove a product liability case. In most jurisdictions, the injured person, through their lawyer, must prove that the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous. The lawyer must also prove that the defect was the cause of injury, and the lawyer must fully establish the extent of injury. Often, these elements require expert testimony, particularly with regard to any claims of defective design, or defective manufacture of a particular product.


Our office has substantial experience with regard to product liability claims. Attorney Justin Vaughn has handled product defect cases in state and federal courts. Certainly, he seeks to help balance the interests of justice with the potential expense and difficulty of litigations, while still seeking the best resolution for the injured person.

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Our office is available to schedule an attorney consultation at any time. We enjoy the opportunity to speak about potential product liability cases, and explain the strategies and challenges that accompany any product liability claim. If you wish to receive an honest evaluation of your potential product liability case, please call to schedule a free attorney consultation at your earliest convenience.

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