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For some reason, dog bite cases have become more prevalent. It seems that there is an increasing number of litigated cases concerning dog bites. For that reason, we have substantial experience in handling attorney representation for handling dog bite matters.


People can be liable for dog bites on various grounds. If an individual has a dog at large in violation of a city code, the owner is responsible for conduct of the dog. Additionally, if an owner knows that a dog has a propensity to bite others, and fails to warn others of that danger and protect against the dog, the owner is responsible for the conduct of the dog. Sometimes, a person is bit and scarred while simply visiting the dog owner’s home. Again, there are insurance provisions available to cover such liability.


We recognize that dog bites often result in serious injury and scarring. Our office is experienced in assembling such information, and evaluating liability, to maximize dog bit claims. We have handled numerous dog bite cases, and we always look forward to helping as best we can.

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Our attorneys continue to provide free consultations on dog bite cases. We look forward to speaking with you at any time. If you would like a free attorney consultation on your potential dog bite case, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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