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Our office has extensive experience in handling juvenile matters. Certainly, there are broad range of potential juvenile issues, which would warrant involvement of legal counsel.

Juvenile Delinquency

We have experience assisting children and parents with juvenile court charges. While these are not truly criminal cases, the charges resemble criminal charges and elements of a criminal case. The welfare of the child remains our paramount concern. We want to see the best oucome, whether that means proof of innocence or structuring appropriate programs and consequences.

If your child is facing juvenile charges, please let us know how we can help.

Juvenile Dependency

One of the most frightening experiences for a parent is facing a severence of parental rights. Typically, there are programs and mechanisms to protect your parental rights. We have been legal counsel in severence cases, representing parents, children, grandparents or extended family members. These are some of the most serious cases an attorney could face, and we commit every effort to the best result for the child.

If you are facing investigation by child protective services, or if you have concerns about a placement or severence proceeding, please call us immediately to determine your options.


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